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Will 2021 be better than 2020? "Surviving" a pandemic. What exactly does that mean?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023


Hello friends,

I believe a crazy year is ahead of us, maybe even MORE crazy than last year...but we should be ready right?

If you survived last year you are more resilient and hopefully more creative and industrious for 2021.

The worst of times seem to bring out the best in Great Americans!

And now The hustle is real...!

Georgetown Guyana

What are you doing to survive this "shutdown"? What does surviving mean to you? Does this mean financial survival more so than physical survival? Maybe it is a little bit of both?

The financial aspect has been the most challenging to me. It is very easy to let this destructive apocalypse destroy your ambition and hope leaving us with a feeling that we have been beat. Knocked down, and maybe can't get back up again?

Having been exposed to the covid19 virus multiple times I seem to be immune to it so far. With new strains mutating worldwide it may eventually get me...but as the late Bernie Mac used to say, even in the face of terminal illness and sickness with pneumonia, "I ain't afraid of you", so during a "pandemic" when the government says to "stay at home" I didn't...I traveled all over the US during most of 2020 to make the most of my off time because there were no rides to be had in my limo business and very few flights to anywhere, and now in 2021 I am in South America.

georgetown guyana

I have been exposed to many people who have had the virus. Breathed the same air in their homes, slept in their beds, ate off their plates, drank out of their cups and glasses. Swam in their rivers and held hands with their kids as they gave me a tour of their jungle style village.

Even with very little exposure to the outside world the virus swept the village, taking lives and hospitalizing many with a tiny hospital with no actual modern methods of caring for covid patients...but interesting things begin to happen, they began to do testing, treat the symptoms effectively, and resistance to the virus develops host, who took me in, a village man and his wife describe their ordeal with the virus a couple months ago. She gets sick and hospitalized, he was sleeping in the same bed with her, and he doesn't get sick. Her children don't get sick, none of the other family members get sick, and they have all been in direct contact with her. It seems devastating to only certain people, and no affect at all on others all around those certain people.


But one thing is for sure...when one family member gets sick, who cares for the others, and can't work, lost income, etc...this becomes devastating not just to the person who has become isolated, sick, dying and afraid, and unable to receive physical comfort or affection from family...but to those who cannot help the sick person. They are all helpless and suffering not just emotionally and physically but financially. I have seen the pain and suffering the virus has brought to people of all types.

maruca guyana

Rich and poor alike from the President of a small South American country to the jungle interior Amerindians of the indigenous tribes of South America living isolated in their villages with almost no outside exposure to the rest of the world except those who bring them their supplies by plane or by boat. The most knowledgeable doctors, virologists and scientists have been stumped by the mysterious nature of this virus. I have had very little reflection so far on how to be resilient and adapt to surviving financially and physically during this epic time. I only know that the most focused attention to health, diet and exercise is the only hope of survival...and getting that side hu$tle in addition to any and all other hu$tle'$ will be required to make it through this coming year.

I never wish anyone "good luck", this won't be left up to chance!

maruca guyana

I wish you all a great 2021...with "good skill" and encouragement...and remember to say what Bernie Mac kept saying with every breath he took, "I ain't afraid of you."

RST on potato patch summer vail slopes

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